The Joshua Tales

This fresh, startling, and magical poetry sequence is  my debut collection. In The Joshua Tales, a poet and his shadow – in the form of a boy-child called Joshua – board a plane to uncover who they are in the universe. These poetic fables start out on an abandoned mid-Atlantic isle where people have been known to disappear into the ground. The journey then takes us to the Oval Office, to a brief meeting with God, and to the dining tables of aunts and uncles, lunatics, jazz singers and whores.

This is a rich tale full of wit and allegory about life on a small island, about discovering the world beyond its shores and, ultimately, about returning home. These poems have a precision and mystery that are mirrored in Kendra Ezekiel’s meditative collagraphs.

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One thought on “The Joshua Tales

  1. […] Andra Simons – The Joshua Tales – took my breath away, totally original, exciting, shocking and tender. I read it in one wonderful event of not being able to put it down and then booked him to read at the Poetry Festival. His performances are as breathtaking as his page words – an outstanding poet who I hope more people will come to appreciate. He’ll be at the Poetry Swindon Festival on Sunday 9th October. […]

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