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36 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. proud and tearful i am. henceforth, i shall not read fairytale endings. with one eye shut, i will end my own ending. perhaps not happily ever after, but at least happily.

    your faithful afficionada

  2. thank you goldy for reading through it, and your comments- there’s more for you to browse! xx

  3. oh me oh my… I’m so happy to see this space! But it made me miss you more. Sigh. Congratulations! I especially love the new turtle story… a million kisses! and kiss Goldy also.

    1. I miss you too, I havent had a chance to reply cuz i’ve been busy on here! Love ya and loads of thanks for all.

  4. Andra! You know I always knew you would do great and dramatic things! Oh how I wished I had followed that path too, instead of being stuck in mediocrity. Love you like life!

    1. I’m still trying to do great things or rather do things greatly! there’s still some time to be more creative… i hold on to that. Thanks for visiting… amybe we’ll see each other in BDA.

  5. Hi! Congratulations on launching your site Andra!! This feels like a little reunion space or something. It’s so great to see everyone on here 🙂 I’ll tell Garth, I’m sure he’ll drop by as well. And… Open invitation to the Stumblin Tongues alumni to visit San Francisco, my futon/floor space is yours.

    1. Hey thanks grant, it’s been a long time coming… Yes, pass it on to garth! i haven’t spoken to him in ages. So your in SanFran- that’s great to know as i was over last year with shannon (he works for Virgin) and i’ll probably come again- so we can have a date. xx

  6. Andra, that photo of you by Charlie is amazing – I love your website! Will be back to the grotto soon … well done!

  7. That’s my Boo Boo gifted from young. From a spark a fire grew. Keep the flame burning baby, Keep the flame burning…. burning hot. I’ll add some oxygen wooosh… xoxo

    1. Thanks my cos Boo… i need the oxygen… my kisses to you and your family… i’m thinking of you all. xx

  8. Andra
    Thank you for the invite to see what is under your shell and to again have the privilegde to share briefly in your talents…you have always been a great inspriation for me…keep me updated and Respice Finem LOL!!!!

    1. thank you shug! the end is always in view even if i have to struggle to imagine it! xx

  9. Hi Andra I feel a connection to JOSHUA GOES THROUGH PUBERTY. Will you write about the other stages of his life. By the way Jesus is the Latinized form of Joshua.

    1. yes, i have a comleted set of 25, of which i may post a few more. I didn’t know that of the two J’s. xx

    1. I read it aloud for the first time on fathers day at a function in soho. i do find it difficult not to tear up, still. I hope you’re well. big kisses xxx

  10. I’m back. Where are you? Over in that green and misty land. I’m missing it and you. Maybe net year.

  11. Dear Andra, so moved by Return of the Selkie and spoonfulls. Turtlemen is wonderful… what a great site and so happy to see your juices flowing like a fierce strong river. Let me know next chance to dive in with Amphibia, love to you xxCatherine

    1. Hey Cath, that means alot to me, thank you. i will surely keep you updated. a chat and coffee is long overdue. xx

  12. I will always love her…
    Those beautiful how-ling’s at the wind…don’t be afraid darling…as I continue to replay those collections, I only wish, the same wish…that I was a boy meant to be. from Artimas and Magdalene letters

  13. Word less … a poet’s torment. and i somehow love being unworthy of speech. you are sublime andra. noththing less.

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