Here are Press clippings and other Media from wayback and beyond:

An Interview by Veejay Steede (Repeating Islands, 2011)

REVIEW of The Joshua Tales by Tsehay Lambert at

Bermuda Sun promo for Neo- Griot Session at The Chewstick Lounge, Bermuda

REVIEW from the Hot August Fringe – Wotever Sex

A Blue Note for Jim is published in on-line art journal Introducing Art: Boyfriend Material Issue 12

Sophie Mayer REVIEWS The Joshua Tales

Some of my poems have been listed on the Thane Salon website.

Karianne Aam mentions The Joshua Tales in her blog Olavas rike. Thank you so much Karianne.

The Bermuda Arts Council Founders Award for Spoken Word press November 25th in both in the Royal Gazette and Bermuda Sun

INTRODUCING November 2009 – The Politics of Sexual Secrets.

The Royal Gazette October 21st 2009 Press for ‘The Joshua Tales’

The Mid-Ocean News October 2nd 2009 Press for ‘The Joshua Tales

The Skinny November 2007

The Mid-Ocean News 2001

The Royal Gazette March 2004  ‘Starsongs’

The Royal Gazette 2009 (You have to read down the page for the mention)

The Royal Gazette April 2003 – Review of David Mamet’s `Glengarry Glen Ross’

The Royal Gazette October 2000 Review of the Band F Natural (later B-List)

The Royal Gazette March 2004  More Press for ‘Starsongs’

The Royal Gazette Feb 2001 ‘WaveLengths’

The Royal Gazette Feb 1999 ‘Press for Sometimes an Ass is gotta Shake the Load of his Back

The Royal Gazette 2004- a Review I worte on The National Black Touring company’s Things of the Heart

The Mid-Ocean News November 2002- Press for ‘Medea

The Royal Gazette November 2000- Press for ‘Light and Air’

The Royal Gazette Feb 1999- The Berkeley Institute’s Writers in Residence

The Royal Gazette Feb 2004- Press for Of Mice and Men

The Royal Gazette March 2002- My article on the Queen of Kites

The Royal Gazette May 2001- Review of  ‘Wavelengths

The Royal Gazette September 2003- Review of After the fall

The Royal Gazette march 2002 My article on Michael Mullan